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GERMO brand is covering a comprehensive variety of high-quality components to fit various trucks and trailers.

All components are liable to continuous quality inspections and have successfully accomplished long-term on the roads in prior to sale.

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SRB quality bearings are manufactured under stringent quality controls in accordance to various quality standards and regulations in order to ensure highest degree of precision to the entire satisfaction of our customers.

Due to our entire confidence in SRB quality bearings, we are offering a full replacement warranty in case of complaints.

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VOLTEX is covering a wide range of electrical components for automotive applications such as Alternators, Starter Motors, Solenoids, Starter Drives, Carbon Brushes, Armatures, Switches, Relays, Voltage Regulators, Rectifiers, Halogen Lamps, Bulbs, etc. to fit European trucks and trailers.

All products are manufactured under highest standards with proven quality that created a trust-worthy base for VOLTEX brand throughout the world.

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