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GERMO GmbH is a medium sized, industrial and trading company, specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of sophisticated automotive components, which we are mainly supplying to the aftermarket.

Located in the South Western part of Germany, closely connected to the French and Luxembourg borders, we are in position to serve all our clients by truck, by air or by ship as desired.

Due to excellent quality and reliability of our components, customers are well-aware of our brand names, which enjoy a solid reputation throughout the world.


In our central warehouse, we are averagely storing roundabout 5,000 components, which are belonging to our core business.

Our warehouse workers are always at your service, ready to compile your orders as well as to dispatch them safely.

Due to special arrangements with well-known forwarding companies, we are in position to supply ordered goods directly to desired donations at moderate charges.

Home  |  Profile  |  Products  |  Feedback  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notice
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